Operating efficiently, in budget, and to the highest standards


A considered approach to installing containment of building services can make projects quicker, easier, safer, less costly and more environmentally aware. 

We’re all adjusting to new ways of working which are likely to be in place for the long term and the way we work on site may be changed forever but we can still deliver major construction projects on time, in budget and to the highest standards.

Time is money

With a backlog of projects to complete, any opportunity to speed up activity and save time is invaluable. There are products on the market which can shave weeks off delivery times without compromising on quality and safety.

Modern suspension kits are a way to easily make significant time savings and easy-to-use bracket solutions have been proven to reduce installation times by up to 85% when compared to traditional threaded rod and channel, with one-handed adjustment that requires no training making a huge difference to installations. 

Tight spaces

Don’t lose additional time trying to overcome tight spots and awkward spaces. Look for supplies that can be easily adjusted and easily accessed.  Low profile trapeze brackets are now on the market with depths of just 21mm and because they don’t require tools to adjust, they are much easier to alter in small spaces.

Multi-tiering options increase efficiency, allowing multiple services to be installed into less space which makes maximum use of the area available and is therefore a great option for residential buildings where internal space is at a premium.

Talking numbers

With greater restrictions on how many people can be on site at the same time, the construction industry is subject to even greater health and safety obligations than ever before. 

However, it is possible to work with a minimum number of staff and in some cases, just one person is required for certain jobs if you look for solutions that are lighter and easier to install than more traditional options such as threaded rod. This makes sticking to guidelines and reducing the number of people moving around site much more feasible. 


Pre-fabricated products also reduce the intensity of labour required on site. Specifying ready-to-use kits that do not require on-site preparation such as cutting or filling means there is no need for a hot works permit so fire watchers are not needed on site, minimising health and safety risks during M&E installations. 

When simpler, modern solutions are chosen, such as trapeze brackets instead of threaded rod, less time is spent working at height which contributes to a safer work place to work. Tool-free brackets are a simple solution that can easily be moved up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position during installation.

Easy ways to keep green

Opting for a supplier with a dedicated technical services department not only makes for a slicker, smarter project but also cuts down on unwanted materials. Provide project drawings to the installation design team and they should be able to provide accurate annotations and costs. Each product can be delivered to site fully labelled in line with design drawings and sent to the correct area of the building.

Sourcing bespoke BIM ready Revit families will cut waste and unwanted products with more precise and efficient use of resources as they’re ready made to the exact requirements at specification stage. It means that modern projects can easily reduce waste, cut down on transport movements and lessen carbon footprints leading to a greener project.

Get professional help

The other benefits of manufacturers who have their own in-house technical experts is early-stage clash detection which eliminates costly delays and allows you to provide a much more professional service and smooth-running project. On-site training on optimal use of the products also saves time and cuts the chances of issues arising further down the line. 

The future’s bright

Installers provide an inestimable insight for manufactures who are dedicated to constantly improving and developing their products to suit the ever-changing needs of the construction industry. By responding to feedback from customers and external influences – like global pandemics – suppliers can ensure that there will always be innovations designed to solve issues and make life easier for them.

So, don’t be afraid to pass on your thoughts and experiences to your suppliers. It might just result in a new range of products that solve-problems for users across the industry.

Mark Kimberley is Senior Product Manager at Gripple

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