Synapsys, BMS, BEMS, data analytics, Quick fixes

Using data from a building-management system can quickly identify strategies for improving energy efficiency of building-services systems. Andy Devine of Synapsys Solutions explains its capabilities.

Viega, Megapress, press fitting, pipework, steel, pipe

Viega now offers its Megapress press-in connection in the UK. The system makes it a simple job to add extra sensors, thermometers, drainage valves or pipe connections to thick-walled pipe. A press-in connection can be installed in a couple of minutes, with an estimated time saving of 80% compared to welding a connection.

Airbloc, air curtain, Quick fixes

Helping to provide a comfortable welcome to the 5-storey West London Audi car dealership on the Great West Road in London is a purpose-designed Airbloc vertical air curtain. It protects doubling sliding doors that provide the only vehicular access to the building; they hinge forward to maximise the available space.

Grundfos Pumps, Quick fixes

Potential energy savings of over 1 GWh for a large purpose-built conference centre were predicted by an energy check carried out by Grundfos Pumps on pumps that had been in situ for many years. The savings could be achieved by exchanging a number of circulators for energy-efficient Grundfos options, with a payback of two years.

Flakt Woods, AHU, air handling unit, plug fan, Quick fixes

For the last 30 years, centrifugal fans have been a central component of air-handling units (AHUs). However, with the pressures of the ErP Directive and energy efficiency under increasing scrutiny, building owners are now upgrading these units to plug in fans for greater efficiency and longer AHU life — as Chris Jones of Fläkt Woods, explains.

ThermOzone, chiller, air conditioning, refurbishment, Quick fixes

Replacing a failed chiller in a crisis could take months. Trevor Dann of ThermOzone describes how resolving such a problem can be achieved in little more than a month

Studor, sink, water trap, Quick fixes

Studor’s Trap-Vent for installing under sinks combines a water trap and air-admittance valve (AAV) and is designed to prevent the water in the trap being lost by, for example, siphonage. These water traps can easily be retrofitted to an existing bathroom and are also ideal for group venting in, for example, hotels, care homes and hospitals.

Sentinel, limescale, water treatment, Quick fixes

Sentinel Commercial’s KalGUARD device for controlling limescale uses electrolytic technology to achieve overall cost effectiveness, performance, ease of installation and low maintenance. The device comprises a zinc anode unit, copper cathode, water meter and controller. It permanently conditions water by dosing it with a very low level of stable zinc from the anode.

Remeha, boiler, space heating, Quick fixes

The efficiency of heating systems can benefit enormously with the use of advanced condensing boilers and appropriate control, as Chris Meir of Remeha explains.

Land Securities, NG Bailey, quick fixes

How did a 12-month proof-of concept scheme lead to Land Securities achieve its 2020 energy-reduction targets four years earlier than expected? Chris Coath of NG Bailey explains.

Dura Pump, quick fixes

Pump specialist Dura Pump suggests that energy savings of up to 40% can be made when a company agrees to a site survey. Common faults that lead to excessive energy consumption include incorrect specification or running constantly at full power when such capacity is rarely needed.

actuator, Belimo, globe valve, Quick fixes

Belimo’s replacement actuator for globe valves have customisable parameters and are equipped with a universal valve neck and stem adapter. They can be installed quickly and easily on virtually all valves from manufacturers worldwide.

Flogas, LPG, quick fixes

In a move to cut costs, carbon and enhance efficiencies, Carden Park hotel in Cheshire has switched its entire energy supply from oil to LPG. The conversion, based on LPG from Flogas, has reduced energy costs by 22% and carbon emissions by 23%. This hotel is off grid and has 196 rooms, 18 meeting rooms, a luxury spa, two championship golf courses, two restaurants and 10 wedding-ceremony venues.

ABB, motor drives, variable speed drives, quick fixes

If you have already installed a variable-speed drive, are you sure that it is working at its optimum for you? Carl Turbitt of ABB gives some tips for squeezing the most out of your assets.

Grundfos Pumps, energy efficient pumps, quick fixes

Pumping out energy savings

08 September, 2016

Building-services systems with pumps that are more than about five years old could probably achieve significant cost-saving and operational benefits by replacing pumps. Glynn Williams of Grundfos Pumps gives an insight.

Siemens Building Technologies, control, BMS, quick fixes

Open protocols make it easy to apply quick fixes to controls. Ian Ellis of Siemens Building Technologies explains how the latest control technology is an ideal quick and affordable fix for offices where occupant comfort and efficiency need to be balanced.

BCIA, controls, BMS, BEMS, quick fixes

Malcolm Anson of the Building Controls Industry Association offers a quick method for getting to grips with controls and using them more effectively for better energy efficiency.

RDM, Resource Data Management, BMS, controls, quick fixes

To achieve a standard service replacement of the existing HVACR control panel and assets at Edinburgh Playhouse, Resource Data Management (RDM) controls were selected to replace failing controls from packaged plant and the existing third-party BEMS. The open-protocol solution is helping this theatre deliver optimal environmental conditions and comfort for visitors, while reducing energy consumption.

What to look for from a bureau

08 September, 2016

Appointing a forward-thinking energy bureau can be the important first step in identifying and implementing energy- and cost-saving opportunities. Lisa Gingell of Utilitywise explains how to get the best from BeMS controls with smart bureau services.

Grundfos Pumps, quick fixes

Following an energy check by Grundfos on the cooling and heating pumps in a major telecommunications call centre in London, a pump-replacement programme was proposed to save 318 MWh a year with a return on investment of 2.8 years. The recommendations were accepted, and a rolling implementation programme implemented. Energy savings of over £30 000 have already been achieved.

Micronics, ultrasonic, flow measurement, quick fixes

Without enough meters to measure flow in pipes, how can you monitor flow in existing pipes in preparation for upgrading work? Michael Farnon of Micronics has a solution based on a lot of practical experience.

t-mac Technologies, BMS, BEMS, control, Manchester Central, Quick fixes

Controls in control

03 September, 2015

The quickest and most effective energy-saving measures can be achieved with effective controls and a BeMS. Lisa Gingell of t-mac Technologies suggests cost-effective approaches to cut carbon emissions and energy costs.

BG Energy Solutions offers an energy health check service that can help reduce HVAC running costs by up to 24%. This auditing service has been designed to give business owners and maintenance teams expert advice on an area of building management that is often misunderstood — namely building-management systems.

Spirax Sarco, steam, DHW, space heating, Quick fixes

Leighton Hospital in Crewe has reduced its water-heating cots by an estimated 10 to 15% by upgrading its hot-water system to use two Spirax Sarco EasiHeat steam-to-hot-water systems. The update is also expected to reduce payments under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Micronics, flow meter, clamp on meter, Quick fixes

Micronics’ U1000 HM heat-energy-meter device can be used straight out of the box with no programming or specialist engineering required. It is described as a cost-effective alternative to installing in-line meters and does not require pipes to be drained down or cut.

Eriks, lighting, LEDs, Quick fixes

Adam Hicks of Eriks looks how poor maintenance of industrial lighting and the choice of lamps is costing industry huge amounts of money.

Fitting ECEX air-intake screens to two air-handling units at Westminster City Hall in London has solved operational problems and reduced energy consumption by preventing debris accumulating on coils and in air filters. The performance of the air-handling units with the screens fitted was compared with a third unit without screens.

Timeguard, fused spur, programmer, controller, Quick fixes

Timeguard has developed a fused spur for electrical installations that incorporates time control. These single-gang units provide programmable on/off times with push-button manual over-ride, There are two versions, one for 24-hour programming and one for seven days. They have a 5-year guarantee.

Patrington Haven Leisure Park, a 5-star caravan park in Yorkshire, is expecting savings of over £23 000 a year on energy costs following the installation of a Powerstar voltage-optimisation solution to replace an inefficient 50-year-old distribution transformer. CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by 144 t.

The need to provide healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in existing buildings creates unusual challenges for building services engineers. David Bradbury of SAV Systems explains how direct, zone-specific, demand-controlled ventilation can provide a valuable option.

National Exhibition Centre, NEC, Norland, Quick fixes

Tackling energy use at the NEC

03 September, 2015

Managing energy at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is a challenge as the use of the space changes from day-to-day. Sean Prior, energy manager for CBRE, dedicated to the NEC Group account, explains why and what fixes, some quick and others not so, can be deployed for these types of buildings

Rinnai, DHW, hot water, Quick fixes

Seaview International Holiday Park at St Austell in Cornwall boasts exceptionally high-quality shower blocks and is enjoying significant savings in fuel consumption since the installation of Rinnai continuous-flow water heaters to replace the stored-hot-water system. One benefit for visitors is that the showers will never run out of hot water.

BSRIA, lighting, daylight sensor, daylight sensing, blinds, degree days, Quick fixes

Reducing energy consumption in buildings does not have to be complicated or expensive. Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein of BSRIA puts forward some suggestions.

Calor Gas, space heating, boiler, quick fixes

Hungerford Town Football Club has cut its fuel bills by over 75% since switching from oil to LPG from Calor Gas. The old system cost about £4500 a year. Last winter’s fuel bill was about £1000. The replacement work was also prompted by the oil tank starting to rust and being only single bunded. The site does not have mains gas.

Calo Gavazzi, submeter, sub-meter, quick fixes

Carlo Gavazzi’s EM270 energy meter can be installed five to 10 times more quickly than other energy meters and associated current transformers. A single meter can measure all electrical variables and energy of two independent 3-phase loads or six independent single-phase loads via its two RJ11 inputs.

Powerstar, quick fixes, voltage optimiser, voltage optimisation

When it comes to identifying solutions for reducing a building’s energy consumption, an expert analysis from the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St George’s University, London, has some of the answers. Dr Alex Mardapittas of Powerstar, explains why the study identified voltage optimisation as one of the top three most worthwhile and cost-effective energy-saving technologies.

AmbiRad, Airbloc, door curtain, quick fixes

It takes no time at all to lose lots of heat when large doors are opened in buildings such as warehouses. But there is a quick and effective solution, as John Halley of AmbiRad explains.

ABB, VSD, variable speed drive, quick fixes

Retrofitting variable-speed drives can offer the fastest and greatest energy saving rewards. Carl Turbitt of ABB explains how.


Going the extra mile

01 October, 2014

Following the Mayor of London’s announcement of further investment in retrofit energy-saving measures, Geoff Newman discusses what comes next in the boiler room when the obvious measures have been taken.

Tamlite, lighting, quick fixes

Faced with the dubious distinction of emitting more CO2 than any other school in the county, Rye Hills School in Redcar embarked on a series of energy-saving measures. They included new lighting that has reduced energy consumption by 38%. The lighting upgrade is based on energy-efficient technology from Tamlite Lighting using Government-backed interest-free funding from the Salix Finance scheme. The school has 900 pupils.

Sabien, boiler, space heating, quick fixes

Sabien’s M2G boiler load optimisation controls have been installed at 28 Ministry of Defence site across south-east England as a cost-effective way of introducing more savings on boiler energy consumption over and above those achieved by upgrading the building-management system.

Marshall-Tufflex’s portable sub-meters have helped Bedfordshire Police identify potential energy savings as part of an initiative to cut power bills by 25% in two years. The force invested in the handheld Sinergy e-Tracker sub-meter two years ago and used it in police stations, operational bases and its headquarters at Kempston to audit energy use and highlight areas of inefficient power use.

CIBSE, controls, lighting, quick fixes

Quick energy-saving tips

01 October, 2014

Hywel Davies of CIBSE explains how simple processes and alterations can reduce energy use and, therefore, costly bills with one flick of a switch.

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Going Underground

ABM has announced a significant contract win with Transport for London (TfL) to provide mechanical and electrical (M&E) services across the London Underground network.