Mark McLoughlin

Building controls have the potential to reduce energy use, support carbon reductions and reduce running costs, says Mark McLoughlin


Connectivity in smart buildings has huge business value. Mike Hook explains. 


The combination of HCL and lighting control technology is creating ever more productive environments. Steve Marr explains.

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has released a new insight study which estimates the cost of official buildings energy conversion targets to 2040. The model covers five sectors in fourteen countries: offices; hospitals; manufacturing; public buildings; and education 

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Intelligence quotient

01 February, 2020

Changes in working patterns and the need to optimise energy use are creating new challenges for building managers. Alastair Reynolds considers the impact of the IoT.

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Building smarter

01 February, 2020

Construction and information management specialist Stuart Bell shares his views on the industry’s use of the latest tools such as digital twins.

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On reflection

01 February, 2020

With his tenure as BCIA President soon coming to a close, Jon Belfield is encouraged by the developments he has seen in the past two years and highlights some of the key strategies that will continue to ensure building controls play a pivotal role in the journey to net-zero and better performing buildings.

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Business opportunity

01 November, 2019

Jon Belfield examines and explores how the government's target to have a net-zero carbon economy can be achieved and the opportunities it presents.

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Needle in a haystack

01 November, 2019

Chris Irwin on the search for a truly open approach to building controls – and the project that is bringing the vision closer to reality.

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01 August, 2019

Jon Belfield, President of the Building Controls Industry Association, discusses the importance of end-user engagement in creating the ideal work environment.

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Watch this space

01 August, 2019

Smart buildings can generate many operational advantages but are businesses making the most of their potential? Jonathan Feaver explains how organisations can derive real financial, operational and occupant-based benefits from BEMS data.

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Keep your options open

01 August, 2019

The idea that an investment in BMS should deliver more than HVAC control is fairly well established and now you don’t need to be running a building with a big plant room to be able to demand flexible building management control.

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Reliable, clear and effective lighting in hospitals plays a key role in all aspects of operational effectiveness, patient recovery as well as staff productivity. Nathan Cole explains the benefits of lighting control.

Daniel Lilley, Engie, smart buildings, controls, data, analysis, connectivity, IoT

Smart buildings can deliver a whole host of benefits for any business and open up a wealth of opportunities. Daniel Lilley explains

Jon Belfield, BCIA, controls, smart buildings, fieldbus, BACnet, DALI, Modbus, IoT

Jon Belfield, president of the BCIA, compares a well-designed smart building argues it’s not the quantity of technology implemented that makes a building truly smart, it’s about choosing the right technology for the right system.

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New report outlines path towards decarbonisation for the off-grid manufacturing sector

A new report released by Liquid Gas UK (LGUK), the trade association for the LPG industry in the UK, outlines the route to decarbonising manufacturing off-grid businesses using LPG and bioLPG. 

Hydrogen is unlikely to be the golden ticket to decarbonisation heat in buildings

Hydrogen has been hyped for heat for meeting the UK’s zero carbon target.